“My meeting house is Kearoa, my river is Pukaitu, my mountain is Horohoro Ringa a Kahumatamoemoe, my main tribe is Te Arawa, my sub tribes are Ngati Kea, Ngati Tuara, Ngati Pikiao. My name is Sarah Marie Aroha Chin. I am proud European Maori and I absolutely love Te Mana Skincare. “
Sarah Chin is a professional dancer and model from New Zealand currently pursuing her career in Los Angeles, California.
With over 10 years of dance experience, Sarah started her journey training full time at Excel School of Performing Arts. Since then Sarah has been apart of dance crews Crucial Movement, INZPYA, The Class (New Zealand) and Collektive (Australia). Sarah has performed in various live shows such as Coca Cola Christmas in the Park, Out of the Box and Underground to name a few. She has taught a vast variety of ages and levels hip hop, jazz funk, burlesque and first wedding dances in studios and schools across New Zealand, Australia and California. Sarah founded ‘Inspiring New Zealand’s Performing Young Artists’ (INZPYA: pronounced inspire) and directed, choreographed and performed with the group for its first two years. Including dancing and choreographing music videos for international artist Savage ‘Hot like fire’, 4DG featuring Nesian Mystik ‘Remember’, Mz J ‘That Gurl’ & Cydel ‘I want you’.​ ​
Sarah and Margaret Ling founded and co-directed WOMENESQUE. The pair created empowering, fun and inspirational dance and beauty workshops for women of all ages. They also directed and choreographed the sell-out show WOMENESQUE.
​Sarah has been a model for commercial brands Schnips hair salon, Delicate + Sweet hand-made jewellery in Los Angeles and Sedona Lace cosmetics in Florida. Sarah is motivated more than ever to break through mediocrity, inspire and move people through her dancing and imagery.