fresh from the best New Zealand Nature has to offer

High Performance Cleansing Gel

Ultra-nourishing, skin-cleansing complex that protects the dermal barrier while effectively removing makeup, environmental pollution and free radicals in a single step.
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Time Release Hydration

A comprehensive treatment for immediate and time release hydration for skin with lack of moisture, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.
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Radiance Infusing Essence

Rooted in the philosophy of the layering of skincare products this unique, high-performing product is designed to elevate epidermal rejuvenation and to help reduce multiple signs of ageing.
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Glow Activator Mist

This ultimate quench offers immediate re-hydration and long lasting glow while invigorating lacklustre and dull skin.
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Pure indulgence

Te Mana is the symbiosis of pristine nature, innovative science and a love of luxury brought to life in the untamed landscapes of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Conscious luxury without compromises

Sustainably sourced from our majestic landscapes and refined by green beauty science, Te Mana reawakens your senses and connects you to a place of natural bliss.

Elegant, silky and delightful to touch

Unlike any other natural skincare range, our products feel exquisitely light while intensely restoring the skin by effectively combating modern skincare aggressors.

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Greetings from Aoteraoa New Zealand

Timeless wisdom of Tikanga Māori

We work according to traditional Māori protocols that embody respect for the land and sea, and the life that flourishes there. This ensures a high level of sustainability in our operations as well as optimal potency of ingredients. We handpick from the wild in harmony with the seasons, selecting the most vibrant parts of the plants that are naturally richer in active ingredients. And we take only as much as we need, with an eye to future generations.


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