The Wisdom Keepers

For us, there is no greater place in the Universe than the Land of the First Light – Aoteroa New Zealand, a faraway, pristine “Beauty Powerhouse”.

In traditional Māori knowledge, as in many other indigenous cultures, everything in the world is believed to be related.

We’re passionate to back up everything we do with science while maintaining our core values and Tikanga Māori (Māori integrity) alive and intact. In the Māori world all plants are as equal as Tangata (People); we depend on each other for sustenance and holistic living to uplift the Māuri (Vitality of life Essence).

The way we process native botanicals and incorporate them into our skincare products will always stay unique to our tradition. We hand pick all of our key ingredients fresh from the source, respecting Tikanga (Māori Integrity) and in tuned with the Whenua and the Moana (Land and the Sea).

We harvest in the wild with respect, by hand, following: Whakaititanga (To be humble), Manaakitanga (To uplift the respect), Kaitiakitanga (To protect and look after), Tikanga (To follow protocols of Māori integrity), Wānanga (To utilise the Knowledge in harmony with the Land).

The purpose as well as the time of harvesting, is strictly aligned to ensure that the Mauri (Vitality) is not lost.