– The Te Mana Spa Experience –

New Zealand Maori, the indigenous people of our land have utilised active ingredients in our native flora and fauna for hundreds of years. The Te Mana spa experience complements that knowledge with the clinically validated science of skin care, to create a sumptuous, gender neutral spa experience that recognises the importance of indulgence, as well as the vital power of ageless invigoration.

The Treatment

You are poised to embark upon a spa experience designed to connect with both the spiritual and physical. Drawing upon the immense mana (personal strength) and ancient traditions of New Zealand’s first people.

A multi-sensorial, all encompassing journey, during which you will…

Be uplifted by the smell of ocean,

Have your ears sonically soothed with the sound of New Zealand’s rainforest,

Feel invigorated by fresh native kawakawa leaves and flax wrap, 

Connect with the touch of wood and stone through indigenous romiromi and mirimiri massage– which releases toxins via deep tissue manipulation, and aligns energy streams through meridian vibration.

But not only that, you are also embarking on a mindful, spiritual journey where you will be elevated through music, scent, and the comforting meticulousness of ritual.