Māori symbols articulate the story of life, love, spirituality and philosophy. When carved, tattooed or painted, they reveal the essence of who and what you are. Some of the most powerful symbols for Māori are the Koru (fern frond) and the Hei Matau (fish hook). The heart shaped Te Mana symbol pays its respect and acknowledgments to these two design concepts.



Koru represents the perpetual flow of regeneration but also acknowledges its beginning by gravitating inwards. In Te Mana heart it represents our continual search for improvement and advancement in modern skincare science while being mindful of our Tupuna (ancestors) and their traditional knowledge base. Koru shifts us to the point of origin, in order to benefit the skin with peerless Mana of Aotearoa’s land and marine botanicals.


 Hei Matau

Maui the mythical demi-god of Polynesia caught Aotearoa (New Zealand) with his fish hook and Māori soon populated the land. It is also significant that Aotearoa is from the Moana (Ocean) and so the fish hook symbolizes the link between Whenua (Land) – Moana (Ocean).

The Hei Matau is one of the most powerful protecting Māori symbols. Our hand picked ingredients and matchless skincare products are guarded by Hei Matau, to travel safe on the way to you, carrying native, artisan vitality and abundance of goods.


Thomas Paewhenua Kiwi – (main tribes Ngāpuhi, Ngāi Te Rangi, subtribes Ngāti Hine, Ngā Pōtiki) is a man of many talents and a native New Zealand-born actor, stuntman, dancer, musician, choreographer and writer working in the New Zealand and international film and television industry.

Long hours of filming and wearing heavy professional make-up leave Thomas with exhausted and dehydrated skin which he has been recovering by applying nourishing, custom made-products that Andrea creates from selected native marine and land botanicals. Admiring Andrea’s deep appreciation of traditional values and amazed by hydrating effect on his skin, Thomas encouraged Andrea to create a skincare range with an exclusive traditional name and look. While Andrea was developing formulations, Thomas hand crafted a meaningful Māori image for the brand. Through his traditional heart symbol, Thomas aims to communicate the brand’s powerful and unique Mana (enduring, indestructible power) derived from the selected native botanicals that give the products their unrivalled properties.