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Pure indulgence

Te Mana is the symbiosis of pristine nature, innovative science and a love of luxury brought to life in the untamed landscapes of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Conscious luxury without compromises

Sustainably sourced from our majestic landscapes and refined by green beauty science, Te Mana reawakens your senses and connects you to a place of natural bliss.

Elegant, silky and delightful to touch

Unlike any other natural skincare range, our products feel exquisitely light while intensely restoring the skin by effectively combating modern skincare aggressors.

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Greetings from Aoteraoa New Zealand

Timeless wisdom of

We work according to traditional Māori protocols that embody respect for the land and sea, and the life that flourishes there. This ensures a high level of sustainability in our operations as well as optimal potency of ingredients. We handpick from the wild in harmony with the seasons, selecting the most vibrant parts of the plants that are naturally richer in active ingredients. And we take only as much as we need, with an eye to future generations.


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Behind Te Mana


our immaculate, biodiverse ecosystem

Seeded in the timeless knowledge of our ancestors, it mingles with our 35-year professional career in health, wellbeing and skincare science, to map out a new path of super natural skincare and wellbeing.  Privileged to live as a part of the Tangata Whenua [ the indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand ], we are constantly exploring the vast potential of New Zealand’s indigenous biodiversity from a holistic as well as scientific point of view. Rooted in the love for our land and passion for modern skincare science we create luxurious spa rituals and innovative skincare products.

  Feeling excellent in our own skin should be a way of life, and that true luxury comes from sharing love while nurturing harmony with the natural world.

  Tia Kina te Tai Ao he Oranga mōu [ Respect nature and you shall benefit – Māori proverb ]

Te Mana is older than old. It is the ultimate integrity in harmony with nature between the knowledge of our ancient ancestors and the land, flowing into our unique hand-crafted, gender-neutral skincare products. We harvest in the wild with respect, by hand, following: Whakaititanga (To be humble), Manaakitanga (To uplift the respect), Kaitiakitanga (To protect and look after), Tikanga (To follow protocols of Māori integrity), Wānanga (To utilise the Knowledge in harmony with the Land). The purpose as well as the time of harvesting, is strictly aligned to ensure that the Mauri (Vitality) is not lost.

Co-Founder& CEO Andrea Taimana

The Wisdom Keepers

We work according to traditional Māori protocols that embody respect for the land and sea, and the life that flourishes there. This ensures a high level of sustainability in our operations as well as optimal potency of ingredients. We handpick from the wild in harmony with the seasons, selecting the most vibrant parts of the plants that are naturally richer in active ingredients. And we take only as much as we need, with an eye to future generations.

Te Mana Family

Andrea Taimana

Co-founder and CEO

Ngā mihi | Greetings

I am a European born “adopted Maori”.

Too young and stubborn to believe that aging is compulsory, I started to explore time proven natural ways to combat ageing both internally and externally while working in the field of medicine during the early 1990’s. That expanded my horizons and led me to New Zealand where I believe I found what I was looking for. The distinctive evergreen vitality and raw energy of New Zealand’s majestic rainforests along with the ancient native marine botanicals inspired me into the field of contemporary cosmetic chemistry.

Using my medical holistic background and traditional Maori knowledge to explore intriguing distinctive flora and fauna, develop and brand innovative skincare ingredients and proprietary products has become my passion, my hobby, and my work. While juggling different roles as well as managing the company I always strive to find some “me time”. I ground myself in nature to remind me of my roots, my ancestors and to open me up to the endless possibilities of the next Te Mana Beauty discovery.

Thomas Kiwi

Co-founder and COO

Ko Hikurangi te maunga

Ko Te Raparapa te awa

Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te waka

Ko Hineamaru te tupuna

Ko Ngāpuhi te iwi

Ko Ngātihine te hapu

Ko Matawaia te marae

Ko Rangimarie te wharenui

Ko Miria te wharekai

(Hikurangi is my mountain, Te Raparapa is my river, Ngatokimatawhaorua is my canoe, Hineamaru is my ancestress, Ngāpuhi is my tribe, Ngātihine is my subtribe, Matawaia is my sacred plaza of welcome, Rangimarie is my meeting house, Miria is the eating house)

Descendant of Ngāpuhi, Ngāti Hine, Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngā Pōtiki tribes, born and raised on my whenua (land) here in Aotearoa – New Zealand.

I am passionate about my work as an actor, dancer, musician, and choreographer and over the years I have regularly worked in the New Zealand and international film/television industry.

Our family business takes me out of my busy life in the city to give me time to reconnect with my natural surroundings and taiao Māori (natural Māori world). It gives me the precious opportunity to return back to my tūrangawaewae (ancestral home) and moana (ocean) to dive for seaweed, help with harvesting mamaku and processing the ingredients for our skincare brand.

I love photography and find it relaxing creating our native designs incorporated into our brand image.

Everyone knows how much I love jamming to create a happy and inspiring home and work atmosphere.

Tihei Mauri Ora!


Māori symbols articulate the story of life, love, spirituality and philosophy. When carved, tattooed or painted, they reveal the essence of who and what you are. Some of the most powerful symbols for Māori are the Koru (fern frond) and the Hei Matau (fish hook). The heart shaped Te Mana symbol pays its respect and acknowledgments to these two design concepts.


Koru represents the perpetual flow of regeneration but also acknowledges its beginning by gravitating inwards. In Te Mana heart it represents our continual search for improvement and advancement in modern skincare science while being mindful of our Tupuna (ancestors) and their traditional knowledge base. Koru shifts us to the point of origin, in order to benefit the skin with peerless Mana of Aotearoa’s land and marine botanicals.

 Hei Matau

Maui the mythical demi-god of Polynesia caught Aotearoa (New Zealand) with his fish hook and Māori soon populated the land. It is also significant that Aotearoa is from the Moana (Ocean) and so the fish hook symbolizes the link between Whenua (Land) – Moana (Ocean).

The Hei Matau is one of the most powerful protecting Māori symbols. Our hand picked ingredients and matchless skincare products are guarded by Hei Matau, to travel safe on the way to you, carrying native, artisan vitality and abundance of goods.


Thomas Paewhenua Kiwi – (main tribes Ngāpuhi, Ngāi Te Rangi, subtribes Ngāti Hine, Ngā Pōtiki) is a man of many talents and a native New Zealand-born actor, stuntman, dancer, musician, choreographer and writer working in the New Zealand and international film and television industry.

Long hours of filming and wearing heavy professional make-up leave Thomas with exhausted and dehydrated skin which he has been recovering by applying nourishing, custom made-products that Andrea creates from selected native marine and land botanicals. Admiring Andrea’s deep appreciation of traditional values and amazed by hydrating effect on his skin, Thomas encouraged Andrea to create a skincare range with an exclusive traditional name and look. While Andrea was developing formulations, Thomas hand crafted a meaningful Māori image for the brand. Through his traditional heart symbol, Thomas aims to communicate the brand’s powerful and unique Mana (enduring, indestructible power) derived from the selected native botanicals that give the products their unrivalled properties.


Researching the unrivalled efficacy of our biodiverse flora and fauna, and developing cutting-edge skincare products, is the core of what we do. Our key ingredients are backed by clinical trials that demonstrate significant gains in skin regeneration and hydration, as well as pigment reduction and protection against environmental stressors.

In addition, all Te Mana products are dermatologically tested and gentle to sensitive skin.


BioRestore3Plus is our proprietary, flagship ingredient that creates a huge advantage in the efficacy and distinctiveness of our brand.

BioRestore3Plus is a blend of the world’s most effective, all natural, multitasking botanicals, renowned for their remarkable antioxidant and moisture-retaining properties.

 This top performing trio of native red and green seaweeds (Codium fragile subsp.novae-zelandiae and Aeodes nitidissima and Mamaku – New Zealand Black fern gel), is abundant with naturally occurring polysaccharides and peptides, that help to enhance skin’s barrier function, protect against water loss and act as a powerful antioxidant.


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